Co-op Cred Program – Moving towards the integration phase

We are moving to the next stage of the Co-op Cred program, an innovative community-based system of alternative exchange (i.e. a community currency model) that facilitates supportive work placement opportunities for Parkdale community members while also enabling them to receive and use “co-op credits” to purchase healthy food available at the West End Food Co-op. As we briefly reported back last year, the … Read More

Parkdale Community Food Market gets insideToronto

Round two of the Parkdale Community Food Market is underway and we are ecstatic! Though the nuts and bolts are still being finalized we couldn’t help but share some of the great support and attention this project is receiving. Parkdale Food Network member and Parkdale villager reporter Erin Hatfield wrote a great piece – link below- on the work the PFN is … Read More

Report back from June 26 PFN meeting

The Parkdale Food Network held its third meeting on June 26 2013 at the Masaryk-Cowan Community Centre and brought together over 30 participants from a wide range of  collaborators from local social service agencies, city staff, housing providers, and community members. The PFN meeting was convened as an opportunity for collective reflection on the PFN’s efforts for the past year … Read More

PARC Co-op Cred program updates

It has been two months since the PARC Co-op cred program began in partnership with the West End Food Coop (see the orientation session facilitated by the WEFC). Currently, PARC Ambassadors are taking part in the program at two sites: WEFC co-op store and Greenest City’s community garden. At the WEFC site, 5 PARC Ambassadors work as kitchen staff, produce staff … Read More

Co-op Cred program in action!

Co-op cred program is a community food security accessibility tool based on an alternative currency model that facilitates low-income people’s participation in the healthy and economic benefits of local, organic, and sustainable food. Community members engage in volunteer activities at community organizations like West End Food Co-op and Greenest City and receive co-op creds in return while also enabling them … Read More

WEFC Alternative Currency project

Since its official start of Parkdale People’s Economy project, this blog has somehow focused on the CLT initiative and various activities undertaken by Parkdale Food Network. The other strand of the PPE key activities is building alternative medium of exchange (such as alternative/local currencies). This initiative is led by the West End Food Co-op. Local currencies gives a platform for … Read More

Bike-a-thon 2012: Ride 4 Real Food 4 All

September 16 Sunday, West End Food Co-op together with PARC is organizing their 2nd Bike-a-thon 2012 that will take riders from the City to the Farm, gathering pledges along the way to raise funds. Raised funds will contribute to WEFC and PARC’s food programing and to make healthy foods more accessible to everyone.  For this year, the funds will go specifically to the PARC Coop … Read More