Map 4: How land is used in South Parkdale

This map is a snapshot of how land is used in South Parkdale, while this is still work-in-progress. As we have seen, South Parkdale has a large concentration of rooming/boarding houses, hence they occupy a quite portion of land in the south. Public land – largely TCH properties – in the south have larger property sizes as they tend to … Read More

Map 3: Rooming houses in South Parkdale in the context of population change

Building on the previous entry that documented the change in the number of rooming houses in North Parkdale, let’s also look at South Parkdale (the south of Queen St W). As the maps in the previous entry showed (please click here; the previous entry will open up in a new window), seemingly there is little change between 1997 and 2012. Yet, the … Read More

Map 2: Affordable housing for 780 persons (Rooming houses in Parkdale)

The second release is the map of “rooming houses and bachelorettes” in Parkdale. These housing types concentrate in Parkdale (there is a long history. Please see for example Tom Slater’s historical review) and they are recognized, both by housing providers, policy makers and academics, as an important affordable housing option for low-income populations. The map below is the excerpt from Tom Slater’s research … Read More

Map 1: Change in Parkdale’s Commercial Property Value

Since the summer 2012, the Parkdale Community Land Trust working group has been conducting a Community Mapping project. The mapping project aims to document spatially 1) trends in neighbourhood change and 2) future opportunities for the Parkdale CLT group. We are looking at a number of characteristics about Parkdale, and planning to release the outcomes of community mapping project, as they get ready (just like Stats Canada releases their census … Read More

Parkdale CLT newsletter launched!

Parkdale CLT initiative has lauchned its own newsletter. As many individuals and organizations have shown great interests, we think this newsletter will help keep you updated about what is happening with PCLT while sharing exciting news and interesting resources related to CLT from elsewhere! A Community Land Trust model is attracting renewed interests beyond its classic application to affordable housing provision, as social … Read More

New CRA Guidline has a CLT section

As community economic development groups have responded (such as Centre for Social Innovation), Canada Revenue Agency recently released the new guideline for Community Economic Development activities in relation to charitable status (see the guideline from here). As BC Centre for Social Enterpise points out, the previous guideline only dealt with Community Land Trust as a postscript. Often time, the CLT’s applications for the charitable status were evaluated on a … Read More

Reporting back from April 3rd Parkdale CLT meeting

On April 3rd, 2012, our first community meeting on “Parkdale Community Land Trust” brought together a wide range of participants: Parkdale residents, academic, city staff, community advocates, researchers and other passionate individuals. The meeting was to ‘kick start’ a community dialogue to envision, discuss and plan an alternative strategy and possibilities for action. The meeting began with introduction from PARC’s … Read More

April 3rd: Parkdale Community Land Trust Community Meeting

Come to PARC and join us for an exploration of a variety of questions about land trusts: What is an urban land trust? Who can it serve? Where could a land trust be used? – Date: April 3rd, 2012 (Tuesday)– Time: 4pm-6pm– Location: PARC, 1499 Queen St West– Please read a report on Community Land Trust!  ===== The Agenda========== 1. Introduction … Read More