Map 2: Affordable housing for 780 persons (Rooming houses in Parkdale)

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The second release is the map of “rooming houses and bachelorettes” in Parkdale. These housing types concentrate in Parkdale (there is a long history. Please see for example Tom Slater’s historical review) and they are recognized, both by housing providers, policy makers and academics, as an important affordable housing option for low-income populations. The map below is the excerpt from Tom Slater’s research … Read More

WEFC Alternative Currency project

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Since its official start of Parkdale People’s Economy project, this blog has somehow focused on the CLT initiative and various activities undertaken by Parkdale Food Network. The other strand of the PPE key activities is building alternative medium of exchange (such as alternative/local currencies). This initiative is led by the West End Food Co-op. Local currencies gives a platform for … Read More

Map 1: Change in Parkdale’s Commercial Property Value

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Since the summer 2012, the Parkdale Community Land Trust working group has been conducting a Community Mapping project. The mapping project aims to document spatially 1) trends in neighbourhood change and 2) future opportunities for the Parkdale CLT group. We are looking at a number of characteristics about Parkdale, and planning to release the outcomes of community mapping project, as they get ready (just like Stats Canada releases their census … Read More

Report back: 3rd PFN and Maytree Building Blocks workshop at PCHC

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As part of the Maytree Foundation’s Building Blocks initiative, Parkdale Food Network held its third workshop on civic engagement and food security, “Quest for Healthy Food”. This event was held in partnership with Parkdale Community Health Centre (PCHC) on August 27th Monday from 11am to 2pm, with a focus on “food as social determinant of health”. Many PCHC members participated from the Seniors Program, … Read More