Strategic planning for Community Food Flow project

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As in the previous post, PARC, as a lead of the collaborative, has been awarded with Ontario Trillium Foundation grant for Community Food Flow project to conduct a community food assessment study with a focus on food distribution and to incubate pilot projects to create more effective and sustainable flows of healthy food to all communities. What is unique about … Read More

Neighbourhood diversity: Implication for CLT governance

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On January 10th 2013, we hosted a community presentation by a group of students from University of Toronto who conducted a research project to investigate experiences of other Community Land Trusts as well as innovative participatory planning practices from elsewhere. The central question the group tackled is, “how can we structure a CLT to foster democratic decision-making, embody equity and ensure involvement … Read More

Community Presentation on Democractic governance model for Parkdale’s CLT: January 10th

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A Community Land Trust is an innovative model that establishes community ownership of land and local democratic control over that land for the benefit of local community. As Parkdale has faced a number of local challenges related to land and its use – declining affordability, food insecurity, lack of community space, and limited community control over neighbourhood change, Parkdale People’s … Read More