Parkdale Community Forum – Report Launch

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As a part of Parkdale Community Economic Development Planing project, we are organizing a community forum to launch a planning study report based on the extensive one year participatory planning and community visioning! RSVP:

Visions to Actions Planning workshop underway

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PCED Planning project is hosting a series of participatory planning workshops for creating a Parkdale Neighbourhood Plan. The first workshop was held on November 23rd Monday night at the Bonar Parkdale. We are discussing concrete strategies and action items for the following six areas: Housing and Land Use; Decent Work and Economic Opportunities; Health and Food Security; Participatory Democracy; and … Read More

From Visions to Actions for building community wealth in Parkdale

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Please join the next participatory planning workshop by the PCED project to develop a Parkdale Neighbourhood Plan! We are finishing an extensive process of community needs and assets mapping workshops and consultation meetings for Parkdale Community Economic Development Planning project (PCED). Building on the framework from the Parkdale indicator development and results from needs and assets workshops, PCED planning project is … Read More

Join the PNLT’s first AGM on October 28

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It has been five years since the initial idea of building a community land trust for Parkdale in 2010 (see Beyond Bread and Butter report). Incorporated in 2014, Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust is hosting the very first Annual General Meeting as follows! ———————————————————- Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust 1st AGM Date: October 28 Wednesday Time: 6:30-9:30pm Location: Bonar Parkdale (250 Dunn … Read More

Parkdale Community Needs & Assets Mapping (PCED Planning)

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After the series of the Parkdale wellbeing indicator development workshops, the PCED planning project is moving on to the next stage of community engagement and consultation – community needs & assets mapping. The PCED planning project is an 18-month community-based planning project to develop a Parkdale neighbourhood plan. The indicator workshop was the beginning of neighbourhood visioning for Parkdale, one … Read More

PNLT has its own website!

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Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust has launched its own website! The new website – while some sections are being developed – has new information about PNLT, such as our purpose, vision, values statement. Please visit

Going beyond GDP: Creating indicators that measure what matters to Parkdale

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The PCED project is a community-based planning initiative to develop a long-term neighbourhood plan for Parkdale. The project foregrounds participatory planning process and resident engagement for visioning and shaping the future of Parkdale that we want to create together. In addition, the project also attempts to rethink “the economy” and take a different and unique approach to local economic development … Read More

Parkdale ED Roundtable: Starting community dialogue on decent work and healthy neighbourhood

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In partnership with Parkdale Community Information Centre (PCIC), the PCED project co-organized a Parkdale Roundtable for Executive Directors. Parkdale Roundtable is a community gathering organized by PCIC on a quarterly basis. Parkdale Roundtable has been a vital venue for front-line staff from various agencies and groups in Parkdale to share information, build networks, and exchange ideas. And yet, there was … Read More

“Democractic Facilitation by Design” in Parkdale

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One of the core approaches that inform Parkdale Community Economic Planning & Development Project is popular education. This approach is vital as we aim to hold a series of participatory planning activities and workshops through the project. Thus as a part of the PCED project, we held a training session on “Democratic Facilitation by Design” provided by the Catalyst Centre. … Read More

Co-op Cred Program – Moving towards the integration phase

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We are moving to the next stage of the Co-op Cred program, an innovative community-based system of alternative exchange (i.e. a community currency model) that facilitates supportive work placement opportunities for Parkdale community members while also enabling them to receive and use “co-op credits” to purchase healthy food available at the West End Food Co-op. As we briefly reported back last year, the … Read More