Launching the Parkdale Community Economic Planning and Development (PCED) project

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We are very excited to announce our new collaborative initiative in Parkdale – the Parkdale Community Economic Planning and Development (PCED) project! The project is supported by Atkinson Foundation Decent Work Fund. The PCED project is an 18-month community-based planning initiative in Parkdale. The goal of the PCED project is to develop a strategic neighbourhood plan for Parkdale. The neighbourhood … Read More

We’re hiring! PNLT Development Coordinator

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The Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust is a community land trust in Parkdale. PNLT and PARC recently received a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation for PNLT’s organizational capacity building. To lead this important start-up phase of organizational development, we are seeking a PNLT Development Coordinator. Please find the job posting for more details. The deadline for the application is March … Read More

Parkdale NLT capacity development funded by OTF

Parkdale People's EconomyCommunity Land Trust

We are thrilled to announce that PARC and the Parkdale Neighbourhoood Land Trust were awarded the three-year grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to develop organizational capacity of the first community-based land trust in Toronto! Our work is primarily located in Parkdale, while we intend to develop templates and tools for replicating a community land trust model in other neighbourhoods … Read More

PNLT Research activities & Visioning session updates

Parkdale People's EconomyCommunity Land Trust

Recently, the Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust added a new Research Committee to our committees. The Research Committee leads internal research activities (including feasibility studies and scenario planning), coordinate stakeholder engagement, and provide guidance, advice, and inputs to external research projects. Inspired by great examples from US, the committee aims to use “research” strategically to support community organizing, policy work, and … Read More

The Co-op Cred program is GROWING

Parkdale People's EconomyCo-op Cred

In 2013, we launched the successful pilot project of the Co-op Cred program with PARC Ambassadors Team. This year, we have been working toward the expansion and scale-up of the Co-op Cred program. In so doing, we aim to assess the viability of the Co-op Cred Program as a neighbourhood-based economic development tool. This expansion phase has continued to be … Read More

Hihglights of Food Flow Accomplishments

Parkdale People's EconomyCommunity Food Flow

The Food Flow project is a two-year project supported by the Ontario Trillium Foundation. As we are approaching to the end of this project cycle, we have started to reflect on what we have accomplished since the beginning of 2013. While a full evaluation report will be released in Spring 2015, here are highlights of 5 key accomplishments from the … Read More

Third Food Flow Chef Exchange workshop on Healthy Meal Planning

Parkdale People's EconomyCommunity Food Flow

Come join us for the third Food Flow Workshop on healthy meal planning and cooking at FoodShare! This workshop will focus on creating healthy meals that are delicious and appealing for groups, and can be prepared on a tight budget. The workshop will also address menu-planning techniques to reduce time and increase nutrition levels in a busy agency kitchen. We … Read More

Discussion paper on Aggregated Food Procurement in Toronto

Parkdale People's EconomyCommunity Food Flow

We are thrilled to release a short discussion paper on “Aggregated Food Procurement in Toronto”! This discussion paper builds on all the Food Flow research and projects so far, and examines next steps and opportunities for how the community food sector can work together. The discussion paper raises a number of important questions and possibilities. For example: “Financial resources are … Read More

Food Flow Facility consultation underway

Parkdale People's EconomyCommunity Food Flow

The 2013 Toronto Public Health and Food Flow research indicated the need for the Food Flow Facility, a social enterprise that will provide commercial scale food processing for agencies. It will also incorporate other services such as a community freezer, food skills training, a mobile kitchen, and distribution through partners. With funding from the Toronto Enterprise Fund and Ontario Trillium … Read More