The Parkdale Food Network (PFN) is focused on building food connections among community organizations and community members. It is a network of organizations in Parkdale working together to address food security challenges in the community. The network provides a space for community organizations to collaborate on programs and share of ideas and resources about food programming. Parkdale Food Network was inspired by the Beyond Bread and Butter Report published in December 2010 by PARC.


Currently, the PFN has been convened to address the significant rise in demand for food resources within the community. This rise in demand is a result of various factors, including increasing food insecurity caused by the pandemic, rising inflation, and increasing cost of both food and living expenses.

Active Members

Parkdale Food Map

In response to growing food needs, the Parkdale Food Map was developed to assist community members with identifying and locating food resources that they can access. The map is also a resource to support community organizations in Parkdale with their capacity to coordinate food related services and programs within the community.

The resource includes a visual map of food resources including meals, grocery hampers and community fridges on the front side accompanied by a schedule on the back side.

You can access the latest printable version of the map below.

If there are any updates to the information in the map, please send the changes to

What to join the Parkdale Food Network?

If you’re in the Parkdale community and would like to become a part of the Parkdale Food Network, sign-up using the form below.