The Parkdale Food Network (PFN) is focused on building food connections among community organizations and community members. It is a network of over 30 organizations working together to address food security challenges in Parkdale. The network provides a space for community organizations to collaborate on programs and share of ideas and resources about food programming. Parkdale Food Network was inspired by the Beyond Bread and Butter Report published in December 2010 by PARC.

The network puts out a weekly newsletter and large network meetings are held annually in the spring. This allows for an update on network goals as well as a chance for organizations to share information on the food programming they provide.

Interested in joining?

Contact Jackie: parkdalefoodnetwork at (@)

For more information check out the Parkdale Food Network Newsletter and the most recent Parkdale Food Network Meeting Minutes.

Parkdale Food Network Member List (October 2013):

The Parkdale Food Network Steering Committee consists of:

Carolyn Bierma – Daily Bread Food Bank

Wendy Curnew-Harris – Arrabon House

Ruben Smith – West End Food Coop

Kira Kastner – Houselink

Lisa King – Toronto Public Health

Karin Ng – Parkdale Community Health Centre

Maria Nunes – York University MES Student

Ayal Dinner – Greenest City

Victor Willis – Parkdale Activity Recreation Centre (PARC)

Member website: PFN website