From Visions to Actions for building community wealth in Parkdale

Parkdale People's EconomyGeneral

Please join the next participatory planning workshop by the PCED project to develop a Parkdale Neighbourhood Plan!

We are finishing an extensive process of community needs and assets mapping workshops and consultation meetings for Parkdale Community Economic Development Planning project (PCED). Building on the framework from the Parkdale indicator development and results from needs and assets workshops, PCED planning project is moving into the next stage of planning study and consultation in the phase 1. The next engagement workshop focuses on how we can move  “from visions to actions” to build community wealth in Parkdale.

The community visioning process through indicator development and needs/assets mapping workshops enabled us to collaboratively find key values, issues and priorities in Parkdale. They range from affordable housing and decent work to accessibility and local democracy. These constitute essential areas of Parkdale’s wellbeing. At the same time, community engagement consultations along with ongoing research activities have surfaced a number of interesting ideas and possible action directions in different areas. For example, at the PCED steering committee meeting, we had an initial discussion of several “big ideas” that we would like to pursue.

At the next stage of community consultations, we would like to build on the previous works, and discuss concrete goals and concrete action ideas for Parkdale, which  would be very important to identify how we can move from collective visions that we have created so far to community actions that we can take together.

Please come out to discuss and share your ideas! Also learn more about what is going on in Parkdale. There are three dates/times for this round of workshop.

  • November 23 Monday 6:00-8:30 at Bonar Parkdale (250 Dunn Ave)
  • November 26 Thursday 2:00-4:30 at Bonar Parkdale (250 Dunn Ave)
  • November 28 Saturday 1:30-4:00 at Parkdale Public Library Auditorium

Please RSVP for the date/time that you would like to attend via online.