Map 5: North Parkdale’s use of land

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A while ago, we presented how land is used in South Parkdale. This time is North Parkdale. How land is used in North Parkdale shows a very interesting contract to its South Parkdale.

Unlike South Parkdale, property sizes are generally a lot smaller; land use is predominantly low-rise single house. This may not come as a surprise. What is interesting, however, is that all 14 TCH stand-alone properties in Ward 14 concentrate – and scattered around – in North Parkdale (highlighted as red), while South Parkdale has concentration of high-rise TCH buildings. Further, there are obviously four abandoned – boarded-up – houses sitting in the north (as highlighted as yellow). Additionally, there are many places of worship (highlighted as purple).

To far lesser extent than South Parkdale, there are still dozens of rooming/boarding homes, although they tend to concentrate close to Queen Street West.

And here is a Parkdale wide map.

These are the last maps from the first phase of our community mapping exercise that largely explored changes in residential dynamics in Parkdale. We are planning the next phase of mapping now.

*Great thanks  to Sean Major, Daniel Girad, Stephanie Ireland, and Derek Bundle for conducting field surveys and providing research support, and to City’s Affordable Housing Office and Gord Perks Office for providing resources and advice.

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