Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust has the following four committees:

1. Program Planning committee
This committee supports the development of programs and activities that NLT undertake. It also works directly with key local stakeholders – such as local politicians and land owners – to land acquisition and development. For the first year, the committee works on developing criteria and priorities for land acquisition and community uses of land, and building working relationships with local stakeholders.

2. Communications and Community Engagement committee
This committee works to reach out to and spread the idea of community land trust to the wider community members – both beneficiaries and supporters. The committee also develops key communication materials and messages while spearheading community engagement and community-based participatory planning in order to promote greater community participation and membership development. For the first year, it focuses on developing communication materials and organizing community workshops.

3. Governance committee
This subcommittee’s primary responsibility is organizational development from the legal and governance perspective. The committee works on building a democratic governance model for Parkdale context, while also developing policies and bylaws that reflect the principles of diversity, equity, and democracy. For the first year, the committee works toward obtaining a charitable status with development of policies and bylaws.

4. Fundraising committee
This committee literally is around fundraising – identifying potential funding opportunities, writing proposals, managing grants, and creating fundraising events.

5. Research committee
This committees leads internal research activities (including feasibility studies and scenario planning), coordinate stakeholder engagement, and provide guidance, advice, and inputs to external research projects. In addition, the committee aims to use research strategically to support community organizing, policy work, and partnership building.

If you are interested in being part of one of the committees, please contact us