The Parkdale Community Economic Development (PCED) Planning Project is an 18-month neighbourhood-wide planning initiative for Parkdale. Supported by the Atkinson Foundation, the PCED project is led by Parkdale Activity-Recreation Centre (PARC), with extensive collaboration among over 25 organizations working in Parkdale. The project combines community action research, stakeholder engagement, and participatory planning to develop future visions of Parkdale, and community strategies to realize them. The project goal is to create a Parkdale Neighbourhood Plan for decent work, shared wealth building, and equitable development.

This summary report presents outcomes and findings from all community planning processes and research in the first stage of the PCED project (between January and December 2015). This report offers “a big picture” of the current state of Parkdale,
and a comprehensive and relational analysis of community challenges and opportunities that are often discussed in silos. By bringing various areas of concerns and promising directions in Parkdale together, this report aims to develop a critical foundation that helps shape the development of a neighbourhood plan in the second phase of the project.