Parkdale has a diversity of non-profit community organizations that offer various community supports and programs. One of the Parkdale’s strengths is the concentration of diverse non-profit organizations. They constitute a strong social infrastructure that has contributed to keeping Parkdale inclusive and accessible while also helping mitigate displacement pressures. Parkdale’s social infrastructure is also characterized by the culture of collaboration among community organizations. This strength is remarkable given the current context of the competitive funding climate. Nevertheless, community organizations face common challenges of organizational stability and financial sustainability. In addition, as redevelopment pressures increase in Parkdale, several organizations are uncertain whether they could stay in Parkdale due to the absence of secure leases.

Strengthening Parkdale’s social infrastructure is critical for building an inclusive, mixed-income neighbourhood. To protect social infrastructure and prevent displacement is also a public health concern; many low-income and marginalized members with poor health and few resources are being pushed out from downtown to inner-suburban neighbourhoods with fewer social and health services. Following four directions are identified to deepen the existing collaboration, and build a more integrated social infrastructure to play a key role in promoting community-driven strategies.