“Democractic Facilitation by Design” in Parkdale

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One of the core approaches that inform Parkdale Community Economic Planning & Development Project is popular education. This approach is vital as we aim to hold a series of participatory planning activities and workshops through the project. Thus as a part of the PCED project, we held a training session on “Democratic Facilitation by Design” provided by the Catalyst Centre. … Read More

Co-op Cred Program – Moving towards the integration phase

Parkdale People's EconomyCo-op Cred

We are moving to the next stage of the Co-op Cred program, an innovative community-based system of alternative exchange (i.e. a community currency model) that facilitates supportive work placement opportunities for Parkdale community members while also enabling them to receive and use “co-op credits” to purchase healthy food available at the West End Food Co-op. As we briefly reported back last year, the … Read More