Parkdale Community Needs & Assets Mapping (PCED Planning)

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After the series of the Parkdale wellbeing indicator development workshops, the PCED planning project is moving on to the next stage of community engagement and consultation – community needs & assets mapping.

The PCED planning project is an 18-month community-based planning project to develop a Parkdale neighbourhood plan. The indicator workshop was the beginning of neighbourhood visioning for Parkdale, one that offered the opportunities for diverse community members, groups, and stakeholders to share their thoughts, ideas, and visions for what we value most in Parkdale for community wellbeing. We held 7 workshops with over 80 participants in total. We are still fine-tuning the data and inputs from the workshops, but the following 6 categories that constitute Parkdale’s community wellbeing have emerged.

  1. Housing and Land Use
  2. Economic opportunities for decent work
  3. Health and Food
  4. Accessibility and inclusion
  5. Learning
  6. Local democratic decision-making
  7. Physical and natural environment

We are in the process of fine-tuning details of Parkdale indicators in relation to existing other indicators (like Wellbeing Toronto). We will report back details, analysis, and concrete indicators that go along with the above categories soon!

And it is these categories  that provides a lens for our community needs & assets mapping, one through which to look at key issues in Parkdale, strengths, sources for wealth and wellbeing, and unique resources that Parkdale possess. Not only that, we are also interested in discussing possible community actions and policy options that can help build inclusive and just Parkdale’s local economy.

We are engaging a range of groups and members in Parkdale. Please join our conversations!


  • July 24th Friday 1:30-4:30pm at PARC 1499 Queen Street West for PARC members
  • July 30th Thursday 3:30-6pm in Parkdale for Youth (with Parkdale Intercultural Association/Parkdale Community Information Centre)
  • August 17th Monday 2:30-5pm at Greenest City 201 Cowan Ave for community agency staff
  • September 2nd Wednesday 1-3:30pm at Parkdale Intercultural Association at 1365 Queen St West  (registration) for tenant and immigrant members in Parkdale
  • September 8th Tuesday 6-8:30pm at PARC 1499 Queen Street West (registration) for coop and PNLT members 
  • September 10th Thursday 6-8:30 pm at Greenest City 201 Cowen Ave – (registration) open for anyone living and working in Parkdale

*Spaces are limited; please RSVP online!


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